R/V Ocean Research Ⅲ

Built and commissioned by the National Science Council and the Ministry of Education, the research vessel (R/V) Ocean researcher III is operated by the College of Marine Sciences for the oceanographic communities. It is one of the three best-equipped research vessels in the country. Ocean Researcher III is equipped with sophisticated navigation and satellite communication and positioning systems. The ship has been used extensively in recent years for studies of the Kuroshio Current, the Strait of Taiwan and the South China Sea. Until December 2013, the vessel has sailed almost 1750 cruises. The ship carries a complement of 9 crew members, 3 science technicians and a scientific party of seven for as long as 7 days, with the possibility to carry a maximum 35 (including crew) on a day basis.

Delivered to the University in December 1993 and under-taken the first scientific voyage in January 1994, ORIII was built with 2 science labs, 3 winches (each with 3500 m cable), 2 A-frames, and 1 crane to provide the facilities needed to undertake all the required Open Ocean scientific research operations. ORIII is often used for deploying oceanographic buoys and moorings, and towing trawling nets and for hydrographic surveys. The ship is capable of supporting almost all types of physical, biological, chemical and geological studies.

Technical specifications and major instrumentations:
Length overall: 38.9 m
Beam: 7.8 m
Draft: 2.6 m
Gross Tonnage: 295 t
Propulsion: MAN B&W 6L23/30A-DVO
Max. Rating: 1305 hp at 900 rpm