Graduate Year 2015

Graduate Year 2015

Graduate Year 2015



Topic of the thesis

Lin Chia-Min

Chen Hsin-Hung

Position Estimation of an Underwater Vehicle Using Ranges from One Transponder

Tsai Da-wei

Chen Guan-Yu

Edge Wave Analysis around Taiwan during Chilean and Eastern Japan Tsunami

Chen Ssu-yu

Linus Y.S Chiu

Development of chirp sonar system and Its application

Lien Yu-ying

Linus Y.S Chiu

Acoustic Propagation Effect due to Subaqueous Sand Dunes in the South China Sea

Lin Yuan-He

Wang Chau-Chang

Abyss Twisted-pair Imaging System (ATIS) for Real-time Seafloor Observation

Sie Bing-Syun

Wei Ruey-Chang

Feasibility of Estimated Shipping Noise In Southern Sea of Taiwan by AIS

Huang Li-ting

Wang Yu-Huai

The effect of physical environmental factors and bottom substrates on coral reefs coverage rate at Penghu Southern Four Islands