Graduate Year 2016

Graduate Year 2016

Graduate Year 2016



Topic of the thesis

Hung-ming Lu

Linus Y.S Chiu

The study of acoustic propagation effects induced by sand dunes and internal waves

Ming-Mou Hsieh

Linus Y.S Chiu

The study of sound propagation effect induced by surface duct

Kuang-Yun Li

Linus Y.S Chiu

Uncertainty analysis of acoustical normal incidence reflection from seabed

Hsiao-Tan Huang

Chen Guan-Yu

A numerical study on the impact of internal waves on biogeochemistry in Dongsha area

Xiao-hua Wang

Wei Ruey-Chang

Inversion of Seabed Seismic Noise in Nearshore of Northeastern Taiwan

Tzu-Wei Huang

Chen Guan-Yu

Analysis on the mechanisms of freak wave by using field data in northeastern Taiwan seashore

Zhen-hao Su

Chen Guan-Yu

Characteristics of temperature drops around Dongsha Atoll

Chun-fu Chen

Chen Hsin-Hung

Improved Design of the Abyss Twisted-pair Imaging System