Graduate Year 2019

Graduate Year 2019
Name Advisor Topic of the thesis
Wei-Xiang Chen Yu-Cheng Chou Development of Waypoint Navigation for the IUT Testbed AUV
Yu-Hsiang Lee Linus Y.S Chiu Developing Sonar System Using Beamforming for Target Detection in Harbor Environment
Bo-Ren Chen Chen Hsin-Hung System Integration for Underwater Operations of the Deep-Towed Vehicle FITS in Tandem with an ROV
Yu-Wen Pan Linus Y.S Chiu Study Of Source Level Enhancement Using Resonance Tube In Underwater Environment
Huang-Chi Chang Wang Chau-Chang Frequency Response Study of Deep-Sea Differential Pressure Gauge
Wei-Jhe Huang Linus Y.S Chiu The Study of Acoustic Resonance effect of seagrass bed in Dongsha atoll
Yi-hsuan Chiang Linus Y.S Chiu & James T. Liu Using a multi-frequency acoustic instrument to investigate suspended sediment: case studies at the mouths of Jiulong River and Pearl River