Graduate Year 2005

Graduate Year 2005

Graduate Year 2005



Topic of the thesis

Chang Hsiang-an

Wang Yu-Huai
Lee Hong-Jen

Wind Effects on Water Exchange and Residence Time in Ta-pong Bay

Kuo Ching-Feng

Hsu Rong-Chung

Experimental study on the evolution and effect of bottom obstacle on internal solitary wave

Wu Cheng-chung

Hsu Rong-Chung

Numerical Simulations on Long-Term Shoreline Changes behind Detached Breakwaters

Chen Chung-Kuang

David D. Sheu
Jan Sen

easonal Variation of Fluxes and Water Masses in the Penghu Channel

Wu Wei-lih

Hsu Rong-Chung

Application of HHT to temperature variations at the thermal outlet of Third Nuclear Power Station