Graduate Year 2014

Graduate Year 2014

Graduate Year 2014



Topic of the thesis

Li Chien

James T. Liu

Wang Chau-Chang

Tide-Related Variability of Suspended Particles Characteristics off the Mouth of Zhoushui River

Liu Jian-ming

Wei Ruey-Chang

Passive Acoustic Study on the Distribution of Chinese White Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, and Ambient noise

Chin Ching-jen

Wei Ruey-Chang

Wind Speed Inversion by Ocean Ambient Noise off Su-ao Coast

Su Jia-De

Wang Chau-Chang

A Preliminary Study of Operational Parameters for Underwater Towed Camera System

Kuo Lien-Han

Wei Ruey-Chang

Statistical Analysis of Whistle and Ambient Noise of Summer in the Habitat of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis

Chuang Wen-Ning

Chen Hsin-Hung

Line Detection in ROV Video Image for Underwater Inspection

Li Kun-Hung

Wang Chau-Chang

Feature-Based Motion Estimation for Underwater Towed Camera

Wen Jen-Chih

Linus Y.S Chiu

The Inversion for Sediment Acoustic Parameters Using Surface Sound Source with Biot Theory in Deep Sea Area.

Du Pei-lun

Wei Ruey-Chang

Analysis and Comparison of Same Period in Summer on Ocean Ambient Noise of Taiwan Southeastern and Northeastern Seas

Yang Yun-Huan

Chen Guan-Yu

Laboratorial and In-situ Data analyses on the Relationship between Internal Solitary Wave and Sea Surface Wave Spectrum

Wang Hai-Fan

Wei Ruey-Chang

Variation Analysis of Summer Ocean Ambient Noise between Inside and Outside of Northern Mien-Hua Canyon

Tsai Meng-Fan

Wei Ruey-Chang

Acoustical Simulation and Analysis of Shipping Noise in Kaohsiung Harbor

Ho Chun-jou

Wang Yu-Huai

The influence of Internal waves on chlorophyll concentration and zooplankton biomass at Dongsha Atoll

Lu Chih-Ju

Wang Yu-Huai

kuroshio intrusion onto the continental shelf of the East China Sea due to impact of eddies

Chen Shin-Yue

Wang Yu-Huai

Use EEMD to Study the Spatial and Temporal Changes in Chlorophyll of Dongsha At

Lo Ji-tsuen

Linus Y.S Chiu

Measurement and Observation of underwater acoustic channel impulse response in the North-Eastern sea of Taiwan

Ciou Wun Zuo

Tseng Ruo-Shan

Temporal and spatial variations of turbulent mixing in the seas off Southeastern Taiwan