Graduate Year 2009

Graduate Year 2009

Graduate Year 2009



Topic of the thesis

Chao-yu Huang

Wang Chau-Chang

Design of an Underwater Vehicle Sampling Manipulator

Lin Sheng-Chin

Wang Yu-Huai

A Study of Internal Tidal Displacement of Watermass in Gaoping Submarine Canyon based on Echo Intensity and Hydrographic Data

Chie Hsiao-ching

Chen Guan-Yu

The in-situ data analysis for infragravity edge wave and its application in tsunami and typhoon waves

Lai Keng-chen

Hsu Rong-Chung

Experimental Study on the Interaction between  Surface Wave and Internal Wave

Jang Jia-Pu

Chen Hsin-Hung

Positioning of Seafloor Transponders Using  GPS and Acoustic Measurements

Wu Chih-Hao

Wei Ruey-Chang

Development and Applications of  Ocean Ambient Noise Database around Taiwan

Chou Hsin hsien

Liu Jin-Yuan

The Acoustic Backscattering Measurement and Analysis of Imitate Air Swimbladder

Ming-jia Yu

Chen Hsin-Hung

Design of a seafloor moving platform for ROV systems

Cheng Ni-hung

Wei Ruey-Chang

Application of Adaptive Algorithm on Analysis of Spatial Energy of Ocean Ambient Noise

Chang Hsu-Kuang

Chen Hsin-Hung

An Improved Scheme for Sensor Alignment Calibration of Ultra Short Baseline Positioning Systems

Xiao Ming-Heng

Liu Jin-Yuan

A Very Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation Experiment in the Si-Tzi Marine Test Field

Su Bo-Lin

Liu Jin-Yuan

The Applications of Magnetometer on Underwater  Survey and Identification: The Search for Underwater Cultural Heritage in Peng-Hu Sea Area

Liou Yu-lin

Wei Ruey-Chang

Development of Sound Database for Fishes in Taiwan by Relational Model

Wang Chien-Jen

Wei Ruey-Chang

The Credibility Study of Ocean Ambient Noise Prediction Equation