Graduate Year 1999

Graduate Year 1999



Topic of the thesis

Yang Kuang-Che

Shyue Shiahn-Wern
Liu Jin-Yuan

The analysis on the accuracy of bathymetrical data and topographical image of seabed using shallow water multi-beam echo-sounding system

Nan Li-wen

Liu Jin-Yuan

Acoustics Wave propagation in Various Oceanic Waveguides-Applications of OASES and Range-Department Problems


Wei Ruey-Chang

The Design and Establishment of Seabed Anchored Ambient Noise Measurement System

Yu Yih-Shyan

Leu Syue-Sinn
Liu Jin-Yuan

Dynamic Analysis of an Underwater Cable Attached to Rov

Wang, Tian-Peir

Wang Chau-Chang

Study of Applying Eigenhands and Neural Network Classifiers to Guesture Recognition