Graduate Year 2023

Graduate Year 2023
Name Advisor Topic of the thesis
Yu-Hang Zou Linus Y.S. Chiu Investigation on the Characteristics of Self-made Underwater Electroacoustic Transducer Array
Kai-Wen Zheng Linus Y.S. Chiu Study on Correlation between Wind Speed and Sound Level in Offshore Wind Farm
Jia-Xun Chen Linus Y.S. Chiu Analysis of Seagrass Bubbles and Sunshine in Dongsha Island
Li-Huan Chen Linus Y.S. Chiu Exploring the Properties of Seabed Sediments by Using Acoustic Normal Incidence Reflections
Yu-Sheng Chang Hsin-Hung Chen Particle Filter Based Terrain-Aided Localization with Coarse Maps for AUVs
Wei-Dong Wang Meng-Chang Hsieh Development of Optical Fiber Oil Slick Sensor
Jia-Ying Lin Linus Y.S. Chiu Study on the influence of piling noise on Sciaenidae
Zhe-Yu Lin Chau-Chang Wang Laser-Guided Target Approach Control for Manipulator