Graduate Year 2006

Graduate Year 2006



Topic of the thesis

Yeh Ti-ting

Liu Jin-Yuan

Applications of Underwater Search and Identification Technology on Montioring of Underwater Structures and Analysis of Upper-Layer Geological Properties of seabed

Kuo Yao-Hsien

Wei Ruey-Chang

Geoacoustic Parameters Inversion by ship Noise in the ASUAEX-SCS Experiment

Du Kung-wen

Chen Hsin-Hung

Sensor Alignment Correction for Ultra Short Baseline Positioning

Yu Chia-fu

Liu Jin-Yuan

Scattering Field Measurement of a Copper Sphere Using Narrow Band Signals

Chen Hsin-Yu

Liu Jin-Yuan

Acoustic Wave Propagation in a Very Shallow Water Environment: Instrumentation and Experiment Data Analysis

Chang Hsu-Hui

Chen Hsin-Hung

Parameter Identification of ROV by Decoupled Dynamical Models with Projective Mapping Method

Lu Chia-ta

Liu Jin-Yuan

A Preliminary Study on Laboratory Measurement of Underwater Targets

Chen Chien-hung

Wei Ruey-Chang

Identification of the Disturbance Sounds of Neoniphon samara Myripristis murdjan, and Sargocentron spinosissimum (Holocentridae)

Chen Po-Chi

Wang Chau-Chang

Development of Post-Processing Software for Seabed Roughness Laser Scanner

Liu Jun-zhi

Chen Guan-Yu

Analysis of coastal freak waves

Su Sheng-famg

Wang Yu-Huai

Variation of tidal current vertical structure at Tanshui estuary region of freshwater influence

Lin Yu-ru

Wang Yu-Huai

The influence of topography to the movement of water mass in the Kao-Ping Submarine Canyon