Graduate Year 2017


Graduate Year 2017
Name Advisor Topic of the thesis
Hsiu-pin Lin Linus Y.S Chiu The study of Acoustic Propagation in Dongsha Atoll
Deng-Chau Shiu Chen Hsin-Hung Positioning of Underwater Towed Vehicles from Image Feature Matching
Hsi-He Chen Chen Hsin-Hung Evaluation of Surface Localization and Underwater Communication Systems for the IUT AUV
Kuang-Chung Hsiao Yu-Cheng Chou Applying Laser Line Scanning to Hydrodynamic Parameter Identification of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Xiang-rong Luo Wang Chau-Chang Test of the Differential Pressure Gauge
Shao-yu Hung Linus Y.S Chiu The Study of Acoustic Propagation Variability in South China Sea Subaqueous Sand Dunes Environment
Hui-ju Chen Linus Y.S Chiu Study on Effect of Surface Wave no Vertical Acoustic Propagation
Kuo-feng Chien Wei Ruey-Chang Ambient Noise Analysis of Internal Wave of Sand Dune Region in North South China Sea