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Institute of Undersea Technology
Institute of Undersea Technology College of Marine Sciences National Sun Yat-sen University

Educational objective

The Institute of Undersea Technology offering master of science degree was established in 1996. It is the solely institute of its kind in the nation. Presently there are six full-time faculty members and seventeen graduate students.

The Institute places emphases on the following research areas: (1) Underwater acoustics, detection, and remote sensing techniques, including basic models of sound propagation in ocean, wave propagation theory, ocean-seabed acoustics, acoustical oceanography, ambient noise, under-water signal processing, underwater communi-cation, sonar systems, underwater phone systems, source localization and tracking techniques, seafloor morphology, acoustical tomography, seaway sounding, military applications, etc. (2) Research and development of underwater vehicles and transducers, including design, maneuvering and control of underwater vehicles, design of underwater transducers, acoustic releasers, etc. (3) Undersea engineering systems and construction, including planning and design of undersea engine-ering systems, undersea cable and implementation techniques, nondestructive detection of undersea structures, undersea welding techniques, etc.

Major research facilities of the Institute include: side-scan sonar system (with subbottom profiler), marine magnetometer, hydrophones, signal proces-sing system, workstations, computing and plotting software etc.